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Shop Opening CYCLO

This is a full shop set up kit from cyclo. Including facing, reaming and cutting frame prep tools. A Cycle Systems exclusive product, this aims to be a cost effective yet comprehensive professional tool kit.

Birzman Crown Race Removal Tool
Hexagonal ball end key wrench set(8)
Mini Y wrenches (8,9,10, 13, 14 15mm)
Inner Wire plier
Mini Y Wrench Allen keys(4,5 & 6mm)
25/32mm scokets & 1/2" - 3/8" adaptor
T1 multi driver set
Torque wrench 3/8", 2-20Nm
Mini Y Wrench Allen keys(2,2.5 & 3mm)
Mini Y Wrench Allen keys(4,5 & 6mm ball ended)
Torx Wrench(T10,T15 & T20)
Torx Wrench(T25,T30 & T40)
Cable Cutter
Suntour 2 peg remover double ended
Suntour 4 peg remover double ended
Cotterles crank extractor + handle(Splined)
Cotterles crank extractor + handle(Square taper)
Spoke Adjuster
15mm Pedal/36mm Bottom bracket fixed cup spanner
32mm Head/Bottom bracket adjustable cup spanner
Bottom bracket cup/24mm lockring spanner
32mm Headset lockring spanner
36/40mm Oversize Headset spanner
31/33mm Oversize headset spanner
34/35mm Oversize headset spanner
32/36mm Oversize headset spanner
30/32mm Oversize headset spanner
Forged pedal spanner(15/15mm)
13mm Single head cone spanner x 2
14mm Single head cone spanner x 2
15mm Single head cone spanner x 2
16mm Single head cone spanner x 2
17mm Single head cone spanner x 2
18mm Single head cone spanner
19mm Single head cone spanner
Sprocket remover(5,6,7 & 8 speed)
Sprocket remover(9 & 10 speed)
Bottom Bracket remover - Isis, Shimano & Truvativ fit
Freewheel remover - Shimano(UG) fit
Freewheel & Bottom Bracket remover - Campag fit
Cassette lockring remover - Shimano(HG) fit
Bottom Bracket cartridge tool - Shimano fit
Freewheel 4 peg remover - BMX
Bottom Bracket remover - Campag, SKF & FAG fit
Shimano Hollwtech II Bottom bracket tool
Bottom Bracket removal set
Headset & Bottom Bracket press tool
Headcup Remover 1 - 1 1/4"
Headcup Remover 1 1/4 - 1.5"
Crown Race Setting tool
Crown Race Setting adapter 1"
Crown Race Setting adapter 1 1/8"
Workshop chain rivet extractor
Star Fangled Nut setting tool
Chainring Bolt tool
Slip joint pliers
Circlip pliers
Long nose pliers
Linesmans pliers
Rubber Mallet
Locksmith Hammer
Philips screwdriver(0x60)
Philips screwdriver(1x100)
Philips screwdriver(2x125)
Flat screwdriver(3x80)
Flat screwdriver(4x100)
Flat screwdriver(5.5x125)
Flat screwdriver(6.5x250)
Socket Heads(4,5,6 & 8mm)
Tall Allen key - 4mm
Tall Allen key - 5mm
Tall Allen key - 6mm
Tall Allen key - 8mm
6mm Open/Ring Spanner
7mm Open/Ring Spanner
8mm Open/Ring Spanner
9mm Open/Ring Spanner
10mm Open/Ring Spanner
11mm Open/Ring Spanner
12mm Open/Ring Spanner
13mm Open/Ring Spanner
14mm Open/Ring Spanner
15mm Open/Ring Spanner
16mm Open/Ring Spanner
17mm Open/Ring Spanner
Bottom Bracket facing tool
Bottom Bracket facing guides(English - 1 x LH & 1 x RH)
Bottom Bracket facing guides(Italian - 2 x RH)
Crown Race facing tool
Crown Race facer - 26.4mm suitable for 1" steerer
Crown Race facer - 27mm Japanese standard JIS
Crown Race facer - 30mm suitable for 1 1/8" steerer
Head Tube reaming & facing tool
Head Tube/Bottom Bracket facer - 1" & 1 1/8"
Head Tube/Bottom Bracket facer - One Point Five
Head Tube reamer - 1"
Head Tube reamer - 1 1/8"
Head Tube reamer - One Point Five
Bottom Bracket threading tool
Bottom Bracket taps(English - 1 x LH & 1 x RH)
Bottom Bracket taps(Italian - 2 x RH)
Tube cutting guide
Adjustable Reamer 23.81 - 26.98mm
Adjustable Reamer 27.00 - 30.25mm
Adjustable Reamer 30.35- 34.13mm
Dual Disc Mount facing tool
Die 1"
Die 1 1/8"
Pedal taps 9/16" (1xLH & 1xRH)
Pedal taps 1/2" (1xLH & 1xRH)
Tap M10x1
Adjustable Reamer wrench
Die 1" *& 1 1/8" wrench
Tap M10x1 wrench
Pedal tap wrench 1/2"
Pedal tap wrench 9/16"
Round file
Half round file
Flat file
Spoke Ruler
Chain wear indicator
Wheel Truing stand
Gear Hanger alignment tool
Dropout alignment tool
Wheel Dishing tool
Axle Vice
Wheel Jig axle clamp
Vernier Caliper
Seatpost sizing gauge
Cyclo workshop apron
Crown Race Setting tool 1.5” (with Taper Adaptor)
BB30 remover tool

Brake Fluid - Mineral(125ml) x 10
Brake Fluid - DOT(125ml) x 10
Digital Pressure Gauge
Schrader 90 degree extension x 10
Woods to Shrader adapter x 100
Teflon grease & gun
3 brush set x 5 sets
Chain Degreaser machine
Disc Brake bleeding kit

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