Team Sky Head of Innovation Talks to Sean! | Cycle Systems


Team Sky Head of Innovation Talks to Sean!

Ever watched pro cycling and wanted some input? Shouted at your TV concerning aero helmets or team tactics? Now's your chance to get involved. In this week's podcast Cycle Systems brings you some exclusive and exciting content. Sean and John speak to Scott Drawer, Head of Innovation at Team Sky. 

Scott talks Time Trial optimisation, road race tactics and his role in world beating Team Sky. He then asks for your input. Yes that's right, the Death Star wants you to join the Empire and tell Dave B and co how they could get even faster. LISTEN HERE. This episode is another in the Cycle Systems Academy podcast series focussing on what's new for 2018. And if you want more of this kind of amazing content, tune into our facebook group for a whole bunch of FB lives with Sean and some incredible guests here. Sean is about to go launch a whole series of cutting edge tech discussions and materials in conjunction with the best of the best in the cycle industry. We hope you are as happy as we are about this!  --