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Road Bike Technology PODCAST with Dave Atkinson from Road.CC

Road Bike Technology

In the latest pod we begin to prep for Get Your Skills Dialled 2018 Module 3 - Road Bike Tech.Sean and John had a great chat with Dave Atkinson from Road.CC the UK’s leading road bike website. Inspired by some twitter chat about 1x groupsets on road bikes Sean, John & Dave delve into what’s out there at the moment on the road bike scene, and why it’s hard to score any bike these days at 4/10! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for our more sensitive listeners) some of the more realistic workshop-type banter ended up on the cutting room floor. However, we’re sure there's enough classic pod left for you to have a whale of a time listening.See you on Skills Dialled next week, SeanPodcast linkhere.


And Just A Small Reminder....

If you want to join the third module of our truly amazing webinar series Get Your Tech Skills Dialled 2018, here's how to do so.Module 3 covers everything to do with the latest Campagnolo Road Bike Technology, and is hosted by the infinitely knowledgable Graeme Freestone-King from Velotech Cycling UK. Velotech Cycling provide warranty and servicing for Campagnolo product in the UK, as one of only four "Approved Service Centres" or "ASCs" - and we are delighted to be gleaning his knowledge during this next online tech series.Get Your Tech Skills Dialled 2018 - MODULE 3  runs every Thursday for the next four weeks, and of course Sean gets a word in too. It begins on Thursday 5th April at 6.30 pm GMT, and you have until midnight that day to register here.Seriously - there is simply nothing else like this out there. You want to know what we have to tell you.

Podcast link here.