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Open to all - Preparing Cable Housing

Bike Cable Housing

So by now, if you’ve been following our Open to All blog series, you will have a good idea of what types of cabling can be used on a bicycle, and how to best measure their length depending on where they are going. Still to do though, is to ensure that the cable housing that the cables travel through is adequately prepared. Best practice demands that you prepare the housing because when you cut it, the housing will be crushed or ragged and you will impede cable travel - or not be able to insert it at all.


Follow these simple steps: 


1. Using sharp cable cutters, remove the end of the cable housing. 


2. use a sharp tipped tool to open up the internal hole in the cable outer.



3. ensure any internal lining is also open for the passage of the inner cable.



4. Ensure the end of the cable outer is flat.



5. Ensure the ferrule fits smoothly onto the end of the housing on both ends. Then double check that the housing is of correct length now the ferrules are fitted.



Your cable housing is now ready to fit into it’s appropriate cable stop. Go back to our previous blog here to have a look again at fitting the housing lengths onto the frame. You now need to set your housing into place in order to insert the cables. The next two weeks we will go into the detail needed to actually help you fit the brake cable at both handlebar and  brake ends. Step by step is really all it takes to make this a simple and pleasant job. See you there!

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