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Open to all: Fitting Cable into the Rear Brake

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Last week we focussed on getting the cable correctly into front brake on your bike. This week we travel to the other end of the bicycle and have a look at how cables are correctly fitted into the rear.


Cable Fitting Into Brake - Drop Bar Bike - Dual or SIngle Pivot Rear Brake




STEP ONE - Route the cable and housing from the lever and along the bars (taping down as with the front cable), down the head tube and back into the first frame boss. The housing should form a gentle curve and not pull tight under steering extremes.



STEP 2 - Route the cable to the second frame boss and slide the next piece of housing into place. This should be cut long enough to give a gentle curve to the bike brake when fitted.



STEP 3. Feed the cable through the barrel adjuster on your bike.



STEP 4. Feed the inner cable through the pinch bolt, ready for tensioning.



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Next Tutorial will cover routing your cable into an all-important gear shifter…