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Open to all: Fitting Cable into the Front Brake

Fitting Cable and Brakes

Last week we focussed on getting the cable correctly into the lever end. The other end of the brake cable is, of course, the actual brake. We will need to look at both front and back brakes.


We’ve spread this particular tutorial over a couple of blog posts. Also, we deal with a few different brake types - from dual or single pivot,  to V-brakes to caliper brakes. All common types that you will frequently come across in bike maintenance. For now, here’s a couple of examples of front brake cable fitting:


Cable Fitting Into Brake - Drop Bar Bike - Dual or Single Pivot Front Brake

STEP 1: As the cable housing comes out of the lever, route it along the bar (ensure to push the cable into any recessed cable guide channel if present).

STEP 2: Tape it down in a couple of places with electrical insulation tape - especially on the bend.

STEP 3: Ensure that the housing curves gently down to the front brake barrel adjuster.

STEP 4: Guide the housing and cable through the barrel adjuster on the front brake.

STEP 5: Feed the inner cable through the pinch bolt, ready for tensioning.


Cable Fitting Into Brake - Straight Bar Bike - V Brakes Front

STEP 1: Once you have routed the cable through the lever as shown in our previous tutorial, then route the cable into the noodle as shown here.

STEP 2: Bring the housing down and guide the noodle into the cradle on the right side caliper arm.

STEP 3: Pull the rubber boot onto the ferrule end of the noodle.

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Next  blog in this 'Open to all' series will cover routing your cable into a back brake.