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CSA Podcast: Tour Tech 2018 with Dimitris Katsanis

 For our latest podcast, Sean is joined here by the legendary, but rarely interviewed, Dimitris Katsanis. Once in a while we manage to rope in a true giant of the bike industry to have a chat with us - and this time we are so thrilled that it was Dimitris - a man who has literally shaped what a bike is in 2018.  From early aero optimisation in his racing career through to cooking a carbon frame for the Olympics in his car, Dimitris has his share of stories! However the story of his work on British Cycling’s track team equipment and then onto Team Sky and their Pinarello bikes is one of the cutting edge of bike design in the early 21st Centuary. In the first of several pods, Dimitrius talks Tour de France tech. Enjoy the pod, enjoy the race!   LISTEN HERE