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Crazy Bike Tech Through the Ages

 In the latest CSA podcast, Sean and John are joined by Scott Dedenbach from the Bike Shop CX podcast, and Scott Drawer from Team Sky is back too.  At Scott's request we've put together a podcast all about crazy bike tech down the ages, and how it relates to working for a cutting edge World Tour team in 2018.  This was a fascinating and really fun podcast, we only stopped as Sean had to get back to teaching wheelbuilding.  Therefore there will be a part 2 with some very special guest soon. You can listen here. GET YOUR TECH SKILLS DIALLED 2018 Remember you can still download the first webinar in our series on Suspension Fork Servicing for 2018 here if you haven't already. And we are still accepting bookings onto our latest module webinar series on Full Suspension Frames and how to work with the newest technology that's appearing on the market here. We hope to see you in there!