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Amazing launch for Skills Dialled 2018

To coincide with the launch of ‘Get Your Skills Dialled 2018’ we have an interview with tutor, Mat Cark from Plush Suspension Tuning here on our Tech Podcast.  Mat is one of the UK’s foremost suspension tuners and mechanics. He takes us through fork and shock technology as it stands in 2018.   "I'm very excited to be launching our first ever online webinar series" says Sean Lally, co-founder and Director of Cycle Systems. "I’m sure you’ll be able to tell when listening to this podcast, Mat's knowledge and passion are second to none. It's pretty mindblowing stuff."

The good news is, you can still get in on the series too if you want to tune in to tonight’s live online webinar with Mat about 2018 Fox forks by signing up here.

Mat will be teaching Module 1 -suspension forks and Module 2 - rear suspension.